Rediscover Confidence In Your Smile

Losing teeth is never enjoyable. Unfortunately for some, it is often unavoidable. At Specialists in Implant Dentistry, we work hard to ensure the most pleasant experience possible. Our dental implants are made of a medical grade titanium alloy. Because of the implant’s natural look, your confidence and radiant smile will be restored.

Dental specialists take up to 4 years of additional full-time training

Deciding to get dental implants or have any kind of cosmetic dentistry can be a daunting prospect. We offer a unique, long lasting alternative to dental bridges or partial dentures; our dental implants can restore your missing teeth, permanently. Dr. Holtan offer sterling service assisted by a team of experts to create natural looking dental implants which have revolutionized full mouth reconstruction and changed the way we treat patients.

In a skillful combination of art and science, Dr. Matthew Holtan and the Specialists in Implant Dentistry team have reinvented the dental implants procedure. In SW Florida, you will not find an office more dedicated to client happiness and committed to excellent cosmetic dentistry. As functional as they are aesthetically pleasing, our dental implants will be fitted by experts who will have you ready to eat, drink and smile a radiant smile in no time.

When you need dental implants, make Specialists in Implant Dentistry your office of choice. Dr. Holtan only ever uses the best materials, the finest techniques and most innovative methods to make your dental implants look stunning. From dental implants to full mouth reconstruction, Specialists in Implant Dentistry is the finest dental offices in SW Florida.

Do Implants Work?

YES! The Teeth-In-A-Day procedure has a documented success rate that exceeds 99 percent in multiple published studies.  Dr. Holtan’s study on Teeth-In-A-Day dental implants show a 100 percent prosthesis success rate and over 99% dental implant success.

All-In-One Office

Specialists in Implant Dentistry provides all their services and procedures in their Naples, Florida office. This makes it possible for Dr. Matthew Holtan and his team of dedicated staff to offer advanced dental implant procedures such as Teeth-In-A-Day for patients in the Southwest Florida area.

FREE, NO Obligation Consultation

If you think that you may be a candidate for this treatment or to learn more, please contact the experts of Specialists in Implant Dentistry by calling (239) 593-4915 or send a message to schedule a FREE consultation.