Deciding to get dental implants or have any kind of cosmetic dentistry can be a daunting prospect. We offer a unique, long lasting alternative to dental bridges or partial dentures; our dental implants can restore your missing teeth, permanently. Dr. Holtan offer sterling service assisted by a team of experts to create these natural looking dental implants which have revolutionized full mouth reconstruction and changed the way we treat patients.

  • Are Dental Implant Costs All-Inclusive?
  • Is There Anything Should I Consider?
  • What Is The REAL Cost Of Implants?
  • Are Dental Implant Brands The Same?

Are Dental Implant Costs All-Inclusive?

Many dentists in Naples advertise very inexpensive dental implants to simply get patients into their office. Once there, the price of the dental implant often increases as the dentist nickels and dimes the patient with additional fees and charges. some offices even charge patients a “sterilization fee” for dental implant services! When all is said and done, that “cheap” dental implant now becomes very expensive. Dr. Holtan charges one all-inclusive fees for his dental implants that includes all parts, pieces, and procedures.

When comparing dental implant providers in Naples, there is one choice that is clear. Dr. Holtan keeps costs very competitive and financing options are available.

Is There Anything I Should Consider?

You should always consider the training and experience of the dentist that will be placing your new dental implants:


An important consideration in choosing your Implant Dentist is their experience.  Dr. Holtan is a Board Certified Dental Implant Specialist, recognized by the American Board of Oral Implantology.  He is also a Fellow of the American Academy of Implant Dentistry.


Traditional dental implant therapy does not include the most recent technological advancements.  Dr Holtan has traveled the world attending clinical residencies with the most advanced implant specialists.  He has experience performing advanced bone grafting, immediate function solutions and zygomatic dental implant therapy.  Technology is always advancing and his recent studies involve advanced computer  solutions related to the surgical and prosthetic aspects of Implant Dentistry.

What Is The REAL Cost of Implants?

Advertisements touting very cheap dental implants often do not include the full cost of the complete dental implant. The process of receiving a dental implant involves multiple stages including surgical placement of the dental implant, uncovering the implant in the future, attaching an abutment, and finally securing a crown. The implant surgeon will typically place the dental implant while a different dentist will deliver the abutment and crown. In cases where offices advertise cheap dental implants, I have seen instances where the patient is nickeled and dimed with additional charges that make the final cost of the implant surgery very expensive. Please consider this information before making a clear dental implant choice.

All offices pay similar amounts for dental implants when they purchase them from the manufacturer. If someone is advertising extremely cheap dental implants, be wary of additional hidden costs. Reputable dental implant specialists have one single clear cost for the implant surgery process. If your implant dentist is hitting you with multiple little charges for your implant surgery, be careful! That “low cost” dental implant may end up costing you much more than you bargained for.

The average cost of a dental implant typically runs around $2,000 for the anesthesia, surgery, implant, and healing abutment. This may vary from office to office depending on the type of implant used by the surgeon. Like cars, some implants are a Kia while others are a Mercedes. Higher quality implants cost more than knock off implants. Also, many offices offer periodic specials on implant surgery, so be sure to ask your office if they are running any discounts. Remember, if the dental office you are working with is hitting you with multiple charges for your implant process for each step, be wary! Add up all the charges. By the time you have paid for all the steps of the implant process, your “cheap” dental implant often ends up costing more than those placed by dental specialists that charge one all-inclusive fee for dental implants.

Are Dental Implant Brands The Same?

Just like there are many brands of cars with varying degrees of quality, there are also many dental implant brands with varying degrees of quality.  Dr. Holtan has experience with nearly all dental implant companies. Dr. Holtan uses two of the world’s largest, and most respected brands of dental implants:  NeoDent and Biomet 3i.   NeoDent and Biomet 3i are considered the Mercedes and Porsche of dental implants in terms of quality and performance.  As a matter of fact, Dr. Holtan has lectured for NeoDent on an international basis.  Did you know that many other dentists in SW Florida use dental implants that are simply known for being the cheapest on the market? Is your implant dentist using a Kia or a Mercedes type of dental implant? Which would you want in your mouth?

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